Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Special Day!

I got to spend time on Saturday and Sunday with the most amazing people. Saturday was Cash's sealing, and all of Y's family was there to join in their special day. My parents were also able to attend the sealing, and Curtis and I waited for them to finish (since we were not able to go into the temple). 
It was so great to see them so happy. Cash has grown a ton in the few months since I saw him last !! I couldn't believe it. He is such a little man now, it was so fun to see how much he interacts with everything around him. 
Then Sunday I met up with them to get my 16-month update. It was so nice to just have a relaxed meeting with them this time without any certain expectations or pressure, we just talked as any friends or family members would. 
Cash's big sister, S, recognizes me now and is getting more and more comfortable around me every time I see her. I like that. Her BM isn't involved at all, so I am sort of taking a small role in her life where her BM would've been. It was working out fine for them before Cash came along, but now my active role in their life complicates the fact that S's BM has never been. the They send me a few individual photos of her along with Cash's, and I am more than okay with that. I have been meaning to write a post about S and her BM, so I will try to get along with that shortly. I just don't want S to feel left out because of all the attention Cash gets from us, so I try to talk to her as much as I can and include her in our visits. It's important to me that she has a good outlook on birthparents and adoption when she is older, despite her own situation with it.

I've said it a thousand times already, but I could never say it enough. I love this family of 4 so much more than words can say. We have a great relationship and I know it will only get better in the years to come. I am so happy that I get to see Cash grow up and know that he is so perfectly loved and cared for. I've never seen a parent look at their children the way D&Y looks at Cash and S. Its amazing to me. You can just tell they would do absolutely anything for them, and I know they already do. 

I have been through a lot of heartache and pain these past 2 years. To say that I still cry thinking about the day I let my little boy go would be an understatement. But then I have weekends like this where I see for myself how happy he is, and it affirms to me yet again that I made the right decision. These trials I went through happened for a reason, and they brought me to this amazing family for a reason. 

Here are some pictures from my great weekend!! 

Such a happy boy!!  
So interested in the things around him
Look at the pretty flowers mom! 
Reaching back for mom
Making faces at Grandpa! 
So intrigued with the leaf !
Just love this little boy to pieces.

"In my dreams
I'll always see you soar
Above the sky
In my heart
There will always be a place
For you for all my life
I'll keep a part
Of you with me
And everywhere I am
There you'll be
And everywhere I am
There you'll be"

He's a mischievous little boy thats for sure !!

But so, so happy. Look at that grubby little face !!
I couldn't imagine anything cuter <3


  1. Love this post:) So happy for you...and I love all the pictures too....so sweet, what an awesome day!

  2. Dallas I love this so much! I'm so happy for you and your relationship with Cash and his family. What a great feeling. And what a handsome little boy! You are lookin good too girl!!!