Sunday, February 27, 2011

grad dress dilemma

OK creepers, I need your help. A close friend of mine has a friend who will be pregnant for her grad, and she is wondering if she can wear my dress for her grad. I can understand that because as you can imagine, it is not an easy task to find a maternity grad dress. Especially a modest/maternity/grad dress. I searched endless hours online for one, with no prevail. They just aren't around. (which is a good thing I suppose!) Plus I'm extremely picky. It was probably a good thing I wasn't shopping for my perfect dream grad dress I would have been had I not been huge, because it honestly would have taken months of looking to make me happy. I ended up getting mine in Utah, (surprise, thats where all Mormon girls get their grad and wedding dresses isn't it?) at a small boutique in the mall. It isn't a maternity dress though... Oh no. That would be easier for me to swallow. No, it is a lovely size 2XL. Let me tell you, being a girl who's never worn over a size small in her life, that was a hard tag to see. I was really tired by that time and just didn't care about the superficial things anymore, so I ended up just buying the first one I tried on. I actually fell in love with it, despite it not being what I had always dreamed of.
No girl dreams of being 9 months pregnant for her grad. 
Anyways, long story short- I haven't decided if I am okay with this girl wearing/buying my grad dress. I talked to my mom about it and obviously I will never wear it again, so why not let her have it? I received so many compliments on it, and I should let this friend at least look good while hugely pregnant right? Well, I guess I'm being selfish about it.. I'm attached to the dress. That's why. There is just something about that dress that I don't want to part with. Yet at the same time, I realize that it is so not practical at all to keep a size 2XL purple dress hanging in my closet. I don't know what to do. If you think I should let the girl wear my dress, check "I agree". If you think I should be a hoarder and keep it, check "I disagree". Thanks ! 


  1. There is no reason to keep the dress to yourself. The treasure is the pictures of you in the dress. Not the dress itself. Be a blessing to this girl in need.

  2. My vote is let her wear it, but keep it still. i had a few people ask to borrow or buy my wedding dress...and at first, i wasn't so sure what I thought about it. But, I was still attached, so I decided to lend it them, and all they had to do was dryclean it before they returned it. I have kept most of my fancy dresses and they've always come in handy for dances, or lending them never know, you may use it again one day.

  3. My grad dress is currently in Arizona.. I rented it to a family friend that fell completely in love with it after seeing pictures. I didn't think it would fit her, because I had it altered to fit me PERFECTLY... so her grandparents(live next to me) took it down to AZ when they went to visit, and it fit her perfectly. She said it was like it was already altered to fit her. I was kinda hesitant at first, but I got really excited to see how happy she was with it. Plus I am excited to see pictures of it on someone else.. I know that our grad dresses probably meant a little bit different to us because of what you were going through, but I still had a hard time letting go of my dress..(even though it was just temporary) haha but I felt great at how excited she was to have her "perfect dress" and I guess maybe just think of how many other struggles that girl is going through right now.. and you letting her use your dress just kinda eases her stress load a bit.. and by renting it, it is still yours. You are just doing a good deed.
    But its totally up to you because it is your dress and it certainly has a lot of meaning to it.. By the way. I thought you looked beautiful at your grad. =)

  4. I would say if your attached to it maybe don't give it to her. But let her borrow it, in Rexburg girls rent wedding dresses from eachother here all the time. Maybe you could do something like that. Then you can help someone out without parting with it!