Wednesday, August 8, 2012

20 years older and (hopefully) wiser too

well, today marks my 20th birthday... i feel a whole lot older than that though ! i've been thinking today about the things i have learned throughout my 20 years of life, and i want to share some of it with you. none of this is rocket science, but this blog is my only way to expressing how i feel at this point in my life. so here comes the list ;

i've learned ... that life is short and can be taken away in an instant. say "i love you"- because you never know when it might be the last time.

i've learned that one decision can change the entire course of your life. 

i've learned ... a choice that seems so insignificant at the time can give you heartache for life, and bring heartache to others as well.

i've learned ... nothing and no one should ever come between best friends. and that it doesn't matter where your best friend lives, or how often you talk to each other- you'll always be best friends.

i've learned ... you can't help who you fall in love with, sometimes you just do. don't fight it. 

i've learned that no matter how many times people say "no regrets"- we all know thats not really true. we all live with a regret hiding somewhere. 

i've learned ... age doesn't determine maturity, its the experiences you face and how you deal with those experiences that determines maturity. 

i've learned ... nothing makes me happier than spending time with family, and i look forward to the day i start one of my own. 

i've learned ... that there really is no greater love than a mother's for her child. i am eternally grateful for the opportunity i've already had to experience that for myself. 

i've learned ... sometimes its OK to cry and feel sorry for yourself, as long as you're there to pull yourself back up again when the time comes. 

& most importantly....

i've learned how crazy, scary, challenging, and exciting life is... & that it all happens the way it's supposed to.

I've done some pretty crazy, scary, challenging and exciting things in my twenty years of life. And even though I'm not proud of it all, I wouldn't change a thing. I met the most amazing people along the way, including my favorite little man and his family. How blessed am I ?! Here's to many more years of mistakes, memories, and happiness. 

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