Friday, April 8, 2011


Guess what creepers.. I GOT A JOB! I decided it was finally time to leave school and start working in the field I love. So, starting next Friday I am working out in Raymond as a hair stylist, nail tech, and body sugarist. YAY! I am so so so excited. It seems like such a great place to work. So, if you're from Southern Alberta, come in and see me !!! 
OH and here's a good story for you all.. 
I was out in the salon, right after I was hired, and this girl goes "How's your baby?" Uhmmm... GREAT. Thanks. Right in front of my new boss, coworkers and clients in the salon. Not that I am ashamed of Cash, not at all. But really?! I met these people 10 minutes ago! So my Boss J, goes "You have a child?" I say "Umm. Sort of." Sort of? I sort of gave birth to a baby, but I'm not his mom ? That kind of sort of. Then I have to explain a really really short version of the story, while I'm standing there wanting to run away and hit something. J says "Oh." Yeaaaa... Oh as in Hmm I just hired this girl I knew nothing about and all of a sudden I know the biggest story about her. That kind of Oh. Great first impression.
Well, I guess the ice is broken and I won't have to wonder if I should let them all know. Because they already do! Yup. Awesome.


  1. I'm SO glad you found a job...thats awesome! And that story sucks!! So awkward...but your right, at least now you don't have to worry about telling them, ha ha....good luck out there!! You'll do awesome!

  2. i cannot believe people's inability to recognise appropriate timing - AND why something like that needed to be said at all?!gr.
    so happy you got a job though hon!!! :)