Saturday, June 18, 2011

something perfect.

G just sent me this poem. What could be more perfect for me to read today than this. G read it at our Birthmothers Day Dinner, and just received permission to send it out. Note who the author is... BF's Aunt. Kinda cool huh? Anyways, I really. really. really. needed to read this tonight. I feel comforted now, and hopefully I can get some sleep in before I work in 6 hours. I pray with all my heart that one day Cash will think this about me. 


You really are my mother.
The time I spent swaddled in the warmth of your womb….
Will always be ours. 
A mother with her child.
You cared for me and nurtured me in such a wondrous way.
It is you that truly gave me life.
I know it was hard for you to let me go
I know because I was there, I heard it all - felt it all
That moment – the moment when….
You made your most difficult decision ever.

Then the time came and the whole world stood still.
We said good-bye.

I know it took all you had….
To do what you knew was the best for me.
God knows your trial and your strength,
He knows of your great sacrifice, as he too gave a child.

I have never forgotten you….
Your smell, Your touch, Your tears, Your smile.
I know of your great love for me.
On each anniversary of my birth,
I think of you and offer a silent prayer….
A prayer of thanks for you
My great and courageous mother.
The mother who gave me life.
I know that one day we will meet
And you will take me in your arms.
And I will know you by….
Your smell, Your touch, Your tears, Your smile,
Your love.

- Cathy Matkin

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