Sunday, December 5, 2010


I am reposting this from a note on Facebook I made a year ago. It was right when everyone started finding out about my pregnancy, and I decided to make this to clear up some things. I think this note can be applied to everyone, no matter what trials they are going through. It has been awhile since my last post, but I have been working on what I think will be a very good one and hopefully will have it up here soon. It relates closely to my note, but I thought I'd share this tonight as a little sneak peek. Hope you enjoy! 

"  there's good and bad things in each day, what matters is what you make of those situations and how you view them. WHEN YOU'RE FORCED TO STAND ALONE, YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU HAVE IN YOU. you can learn from every mistake and find the joy that comes from a new life, or you can complain about your life day in and day out until someone drops you a sympathetic comment. sooner or later, you have to come to the point where you stop feeling sorry for yourself and start finding the reasons you're here. you have to realize that no one's going to save you, so you have to save yourself. you turn your life around, not knowing where you're going, just knowing that you'll do anything, anything to be happy again.  "

at the end of this year, i found what i was looking for. i found myself, and thats really all i need right now. thats the most important thing in life. find a sense of self, because with that, you can do anything. it is for that reason that at the end of this year, i am content with where i'm at. i made mistakes, but everyone has. in spite of this extremely difficult situation, i know that everything will work out and be ok. in all seriousness, i am thankful for the challenge that has been placed on me. that might sound silly, but it will be something ill remember for all my life. not because it was extremely hard, but because i found a way to be happy through it and will make others happy too. for that, i am living life to the fullest. and at the end of this year, i found what living life to the fullest really was. living life to the fullest is waking up every monday morning with no complaints, and no regrets. its knowing you always deserve to laugh, no matter the situation you may be in. I've got my family, good friends, and soon, a beautiful baby to bless a families life forever. Some people look down on me and point fingers, but before you do that look in the mirror and ask yourself the questions i have. What was my answer?? I AM living life to the fullest."
- December, 2009 - 

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  1. Hey I found your blog through Stefanies blog, and even though I am not a birthmom I loved this post. It is so so true. I remember going through a hard time when I was in high school and having a friend say to me "It my trials lead me back to my Heavenly Father, and the end result is a better me and more happiness. Then I am going to thank God for my trials everyday!" Thanks for this post :)