Saturday, October 23, 2010

death, adoption, love & change.

"Death does not end relationships, it just changes them."
It was my great-grandmothers funeral service today. The priest said the above quote and it really hit me. How true this statement is! It is hard to deal with the death of a loved one no matter what, but this quote put things into a new perspective. When someone leaves this world, the relationship we shared with them doesn't leave with them. Memories will forever be remembered, and the love we shared will never be forgotten. My grandma will always be my grandma. Just because she's not here with me to talk to doesn't mean she's not watching over us. I sat there in the church thinking about this some more and an idea came into my head. Switch a word and the quote reads "Adoption does not end relationships, it just changes them." Cash will always be my son. I will always be his birthmother. Just because we aren't directly in each other's lives doesn't change that fact. 
 In death, and in adoption, relationships are drastically changed. But they do not just END. The love we feel for someone like a grandmother or child will continue no matter the circumstances. I learnt this first from my own parents, and I will keep learning as I go. 


  1. I like that quote. I might use that as a future Facebook status. BTW. Are you still planning on being a guest blogger? :) I will link your blog from mine when you do!

  2. Yes I am ! I'm just having a hard time figuring out what to write haha

  3. Just a watered down version of your story, I guess. And pictures :)