Sunday, May 15, 2011


I finally got the courage to read the update Y gave me for Cash's 10 month package. It is so amazing to read her letters, she is an amazing writer, and it really makes me feel like I'm right there with them in the story. When reading, I always skip ahead to the end of her letters where she always turns the cheery, upbeat words into a more serious tune. This last letter, which she wrote in April, really touched me and made me realize, for the billionth time, how wonderful Cash's parents are and how grateful I am for them.

"As Cash sleeps, his deep blue eyes closed for the night until the daylight of a new day awakens them to their brilliance, I give my deepest thanks to the unselfish choices of two sacred birth parents. Two blessed souls, who put their own pain aside an felt that making a choice in the best interest of their son was the right one. Every day, I often think as I raise him; "Is this what they would want me to do?" You are always on my mind. As I wipe his hands and face without delay and keep him squeaky clean I know his loving extended family would be pleased to see him kept that way. I think of you as I see characteristics that emerge and I am able to see each of you begin to develop in him. He is our son and a miracle of creation that reminds me daily to be grateful to the loving choices of his birth parents and to our Heavenly Father's great plan for us on this earth. 
To two of the most beautiful people that we have ever known, we want you to know how much we love you, think of you and pray for you always. Cash will always know who you are and love you for your choices. I will teach him to always be grateful for loving birthparents who followed inspired messages and to a loving Heavenly Father who directed this amazing, perfect boy to your eternal family. 
With love, now and always. "  

wouldn't you love waking up to this little face ?


  1. He is way too cute!!! Beautiful letter.

  2. What a beautiful letter. I am so glad for you and Cash. You will have such a great relationship with that little boy, thanks to the selflessness of his parents.

  3. "The day I was born
    They said you cried
    When you signed those papers
    And kissed me good-bye
    To young to know
    How to raise me up
    So you let me go and start this world in this house of love
    I was 12 years old when daddy sat me down
    And told me of a brave young girl
    That I should know about "

    I was listening to a song today, 'trail in life-dean brody' and as soon as I heard that verse in it, I immeadietly thought of you Dallas. You should listen to the song, I think it will make you feel pretty good :)