Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day.

I received this email from a woman in Florida (craaazy), and I thought I would share it because it sums up what I think every birthmom needs to hear on Mother's Day. To be honest, I have no words to share right now. I'm so exhausted. Emotionally, physically, mentally.. I have been going through a lot these past few days. I can't even think about what to write. I had an alright day with my family today and actually haven't cried.. (it might be because I cried everything out yesterday...? hmm.) Anyways, this email touched me a lot, and showed me how much people (even thousands of miles away) still care about complete strangers. Not all of you reading this are strangers to me, but I still care about each and every one of you the same. I hope all you birthmommas had as enjoyable of a day as you could, despite the emotional challenges we all were facing. May these words comfort you as much as they did me. Much love to you all <3 

 "I cannot imagine the pain you are going through, but I will pray for you as you walk this hard journey and will pray that God gives you great peace and that your day ends up being so special.  God cares so much about you and He is the God of all comfort.  Cling to His promises to help you through each day.  He is such a great God and He says to cast all our cares on Him because He cares for us... that is something to take great comfort in as you pour your heart out to Him... HE CARES for YOU!!!  :)  I do hope your Mothers Day is special as you honor the great moms and grandmas in your life.  Praying for you in Florida! "

A special shout out to Megan and Sara: your friendship and thoughtfulness today meant the world to me, especially because I know this day was not easy for either of you. The flowers are beautiful, just like the both of you. I am also so grateful for everyone else who extended their love and support for me today. You are all amazing people and I am so blessed to have you in my life <3

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