Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day 7 and 8: That Plus Sign, and The Adoptive Parents.

Day 7: You can see my original post about that "plus" sign here- life changing moment 


I wrote 2 posts in November 2010 about choosing the family and meeting the family. Take a look :)

I am so blessed to have these two (and their daughter) in my life. They are an amazing couple, and have brought so much joy into my life. They truly have given Cash everything I could have ever hoped for him, and more. I have zero doubts in my mind that they are the family that Cash was predestined to be with. I am comfortable with the boundaries that we have set pertaining to our relationship and recognize that THEY are a family first and foremost, and I just offer some extra love ;) They have open communication with Cash pertaining to our situation, and he is fully aware that he has two moms, and two dads, and even at 4 years old he knows he is part of a very special story. I know that it was extremely difficult for them to accept that they could not have children of their own, but I love them for opening up their lives and hearts to me and allow everyone involved the benefits of an open adoption, regardless of how emotionally difficult it is for them.

I love this family so much. I have the utmost of respect for them, and feel 100% confident that they are raising Cash in the absolute best way. I know that they think of me in everything that they do, and want to make me proud. And they do. Cash is a very lucky boy- and I am grateful that was able to play a role in allowing him the opportunities that he has now, with his forever family. 

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