Tuesday, November 23, 2010

hoping to adopt:

This is my first ever guest spotlight, and are they ever an amazing couple! Crystal and JD have been married for almost 5 years. They love to spend time together, especially with their 2 ridiculously cute children! Its a funny story how we met.. but it was because of that meeting that I learnt they were interested in adoption. Crystal recently started a blog, and you can read more about their adorable family there. Here is their story, in her words: 

"First of all, I have to thank Dallas for inviting me to post on her blog! It’s a lot more difficult to post on someone elses blog than your own, ha ha...I feel like I have to sound so much more concise and intelligent, lol. Anyways, this post is on our perspective on adoption and our story. So here goes:

Well, our story is largely unwritten. Who knows what the future holds for us. All I know is that I have always wanted to adopt....for as long as I can remember.
Having people close to me, throughout the years, that were involved in the adoption process, made my desire to adopt even stronger. I only hoped that I would marry a man that wanted the same things I did. My husband had never really thought about adoption before we got married, but as we pondered and discussed, we both realized that this was something we somehow knew would happen in our family one day.

Thinking back on it now, I always thought that adoption is something that we would do in the future, far future, after we had several children first...that just seemed like the most probable way it would happen. My thinking was based along those lines because we don’t have a problem with infertility. I know that most families involved in adoption do so because they can’t have their own children. I feel like we desire to do so because we have been lead to this decision through certain events and promptings in our life, and we realize what a blessing it can be. We believe that the children that we are blessed with in this life, by whatever means they come to us, will be with our family forever, eternally bound to us.
Even though we can have our own biological children too, I know that one day we will be blessed with a child through adoption. We have had certain difficulties with having children and we feel like if we wait for a while that the next pregnancy will be much healthier. So, now we wait....patiently. Throughout this process we pray constantly about what the next step is for us. For now, we feel like waiting, and not starting the process through any sort of adoption agency, is the right thing to do. I feel that one day we will be blessed with a baby, even though it may be a difficult and long process.

Whether or not it will happen soon, or in the future, is not up to us, but we know that if we continue in faith that someday we will be blessed with the desire of our hearts.

Reading and learning about different adoption stories makes it feel so much more real. I truly appreciate hearing about other stories. There are no words to describe what a selfless act it is for a birth-mother to bless another family in that way. Adoption is a beautiful gift, for all those involved...and one day we know will be blessed too."

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