Monday, November 8, 2010

i was a guest blogger!

So I said in my first post how much I loved reading Stefanie's blog, and today she did a guest blog post on me! it was cool :) it was a very short summary of my story. You can read it here.  
The feedback from this post was so kind, I got many comments from people who read it and I thank Stef a TON for doing this!! Apparently people actually do read my blog now, so I guess I'd better shape up and post more often ! haha. I haven't finished sharing so many things about my story, and I will get on that asap. I'm very excited for this blog, I think it is so important to write things down and keep a journal of your feelings and this seems like the easiest way for me to do that! I started writing in a journal from the beginning of my pregnancy, and I'll post a few of those entries in here when the time comes. But I hope to one day get my blog printed out into a book and give that to Cash as well as the journal I wrote for him. I hope he will cherish it and understand more clearly the thoughts and feelings I had. I never want him to wonder where he came from or more importantly, why I placed him for adoption. Thanks to openness, he can one day read all of that and learn for himself :) 

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