Tuesday, January 18, 2011

7 months

"The day I was born, 
They said you cried
When you signed those papers
And kissed me Goodbye 

Too young to know 
How to raise me up 
So you let me go and start this world in a house of love 
I was 12 years old when daddy sat me down 
And told me of a brave young girl 
That I should know about 

Sometimes I wonder 
What it would happen like 
If we had wandered 
The same path in life 

I think I would make you proud 
Of the boy you never knew 
God I hope 
That your trail in life 
Has been good to you 

And some day I know 
This old trail in life 
Will wind back to you"

- Trail in Life, Dean Brody

My friend Ashley heard this song and posted it on my facebook today. She said it reminded her of Cash and I, and I couldn't agree more. The whole song isn't about adoption and thats why I didn't put the video up, but I love these lyrics. I picture Cash thinking them one day, knowing he made me proud with the life he lived. I hope he will be proud of me in return. I live each day better than the last because of that little boy, and he has changed my life more than he will ever know. Of course I wonder too, what it would be like "if we had wandered the same path in life". There is no harm in wondering, so long as we don't have regrets. And I have no regrets. I know that one day "this old trail in life will wind back" to Cash. When that day comes, I hope we will both be proud of the lives we lived so we can share them with each other for eternity. I hope you've had a Happy 7 months of life, Cash
I love you with all my heart. 

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