Thursday, January 20, 2011

new look

New look for a New year! Thanks to the Graphics Fairy, I got a new background for this year. I have found that it is really difficult to post about adoption every day, so this year I will be changing it up a teeny tiny bit while still keeping my main focus on adoption and of course, Cash. But lately I have come to the realization that dwelling on something doesn't make room for advancement. I try to make my blog as real as possible, but when I get close to those tender feelings I have, sometimes it puts my mood on a depressing note. I am concerned that trying to post every day about something related won't allow me to move forward with my life and think only of the positive things. Once in awhile the sad things are good to talk about of course, and I won't quit posting if something sad comes up! I'd like to continue blogging as much as possible, so once in awhile there will be posts non-related to adoption. I think thats okay though! It will show girls who are maybe going through a tough spot that no matter how difficult at the time something may be, life will always go on. I have some fun blog entries coming up in the next little while so keep your eyes open! 

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