Thursday, February 17, 2011

food for two.

One of the things I listed that I love is unhealthy food. Well, here is a list of all the things I craved whilst pregnant, and trust me- they are none too healthy. I kept a list in my journal just for fun, so here it is !  
The very first things I craved were Skittles and Grape Juice. I have no idea why, but this craving was huge. And my momma went out and got them for me :) During the first few months I was a bit nauseous (although I didn't get sick once! lucky me!), and I wanted saltine crackers and pickles. All I ever wanted to drink was Lemonade, and didn't realize how hard it was to find at a fast food restaurant! Karlee being the best friend that she is, drove all over trying to get me some Lemonade and we couldnt find any :( so I went through a TON of Country Time lemonade powder and just made it myself.  I ate any and all sour candies like they were going out of style. I was always eating some sort of candy. And anything that was sour I definitely wanted.  One day me and Nikki were sitting in the hallway at school and I got the sudden need for a pepperoni stick. Luckily enough we had some in the vending machine at school! And every once in awhile Nikki would suprise me with one at break (she was an awesome best friend!) I craved yogurt, potatoes and gravy, lemon chicken from the Cheesecake Cafe (which they now have discontinued and I am extremely upset), Chinese Food, movie theatre popcorn and blueberry milkshakes. As you can tell, nothing good for me at all. I was constantly eating- its true that I was eating for two!! I gained almost 50 pounds! Hitting 170 was a sad day for me, even though it wasn't all me, haha. I always thought I would have a 5 pound baby, but after remembering what I was eating the whole time, I'm not suprised he was almost 4 pounds heavier than that!! Here's a picture of my giagantic baby belly, taken the day before I delivered. 

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