Sunday, February 13, 2011

in memory of "Beans"

I saw this video on a friend's facebook profile and it really touched me. I didn't personally know the people involved in this story, but my sister was in one of the boy's ward in Taber, so I knew a little bit about what happened. Watching it brought tears to my eyes just thinking about the tragedy, but then I heard the whole point of the video. I don't want to take away from the loss of Bean's life, but when I heard Darren say the following, I related it to myself. When you watch the video, think about what is being said and apply it to your own life. 

"I was lost, I was confused. I was mad, I was sad, I was angry. I wanted answers now, I didn't want to wait. Heavenly Father doesn't work that way I've learned, He does it in different ways...  I could feel the love, I could feel the spirit. I knew [He] was okay, and that he didn't want me to be upset, he was happy. 
I learnt that Heavenly Father knows who I am, who each of us are. He knows that if we have faith we can conquor anything, and he doesnt give us a trial we cant overcome. 
Ask god for help, He will give you help. 
The past year and a half has been tough, but being on my knees quite a bit- I got answers later on. The plan of salvation, the atonement, its real to me. We learn it in seminary, in church, your whole life growing up. But when you apply it in your life it takes on a whole new meaning.  From that i know [He] is alright, and I'll get to see him again. " 


  1. this was perfect dallas!

  2. Beans was my bestfriend, & the love of my life.