Sunday, February 6, 2011

one day you'll see me there.

I know I have already fallen behind on my own blog challenge, so hopefully I can catch up within the next few days. This is the first of my posts for the things I L.O.V.E. As of recent, I have decided I have a huge desire to travel the world. I hope to go to some of these places within the next few years, while I can before I actually have to grow up and experience the terrifying "real world". The following is a short compilation of the places I will one day visit- Cuba, the Grand Canyon, Greece, London, New York, Niagara Falls, a Rainforest, Rome, Africa, Thailand, Paris, Egypt, the Great Barrier Reef and Peru. Of course I would love to see many many more, but these ones are on my for sure bucket list- just you wait and see. 


  1. you forgot the most beautiful country in the world... New Zealand!

  2. I love ALL of those places...we actually almsot went to macchu picchu this year, but I think we're gonna hold off until the kids are a bit older. But you should totally go travel a TON!! I wished I had done more, its much trickier when you have a hubby and a ton of kids to lug around, ha ha

  3. oh no! thats for sure up there though too :)
    and Crystal, i would be sooo insanely jealous of you if you guys went !!!! and i agree, definitely easier before kids!