Friday, February 11, 2011


Last night I did a little bit of makeup for some of Crystals friends. It was so much fun! I was giving little mini-lessons while I did their makeup, and thought maybe I should post some on here! So ladies, what is in your makeup bag? If you are like most of the girls I did last night, there probably isn't much! haha. Thats a good thing though! You don't need a lot. There are only 8 items you need in your bag to get a complete look. 

1. A good foundation. Apply it starting in the middle and working your way out. That way you will get the cover where you want it most, and it won't look like you are wearing a mask. And don't be afraid to put it on your eyelids, it can double as a primer. Last night one of the girls introduced me to Mary Kay's Total Coverage, and it was amazing!! A little pricey, so if you are looking to go the cheaper route, I recommend Mabelline's SuperStay liquid foundation. 
2. Mineral Powder. I always always always set my foundation with a mineral powder. You just don't look finished without a good powder. And mineral is always nice. Just don't breathe in while you are putting it on! 
3. Blush on the apples of your cheeks and Bronzer on your cheek bones. Blend the two together to get a seamless, tanned, cheerful glow :)
4. Eyeshadow. Please don't go for the cheapest one and expect them to go on the way they look. Get a high pigmented, good quality eyeshadow and you won't have any problems. Play it safe and go for neutrals. On a day where I don't have time to play around with my eyeshadow, I always opt for a gold shimmer base and charcoal in the crease. Easy.

5. Gel liner. Perfect for tight liner, which is a definite must. Apply it with an angled eyeliner brush in the lash line to make your lashes appear thicker. Then apply above lashes if desired.
6. Mascara. (preceded by a good curl of course, don't be scared of them!) I love Mabelline's Falsies mascara in Black Drama. 
7. Brow Pencil. I have realized that I just don't look finished unless my brows are filled in. Especially if wearing a darker eyeshadow. Make this a priority in your daily routine, and you will feel put together even without a full face of makeup I promise! 
8. Lastly, a highlighting shadow/powder. Apply in both corners of your eye and under your arch. Instantly makes eyes pop! 

I won't post about any other makeup tips because that is not what this blog is for :) If you are looking for girls who teach makeup on their blogs, there are lots out there. 

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